“The Jolly Banker” (Download)

    Jeff Tweedy has extended his fascination with the work of Woody Guthrie by assembling Wilco to record a cover version of “The Jolly Banker.” The track is being offered In Rainbows style, with downloaders being asked to donate an amount of money of their choosing, which will be forwarded to the Woody Guthrie Foundation.

    Anyone feeling the pinch of the recession need not worry—simply tick the box that says: “Sorry, I’m unemployed/underemployed or otherwise broke. I’ll download the track and I’ll make it up to you later, I promise.” The song features a contribution from Feist, who is credited as playing “Additional Percussion (Garden Weasel).”

    “The Jolly Banker” can be downloaded here, and former bankers and hedge fund managers are suggested to make a minimum donation of $100 for the track.