“The Hybrid” (Video)


    Just as the Niceguys video doubles down in the marketing sense, so does this video from foul-mouthed, sly-genius Danny Brown. He shot over one of his grimiest tracks for the Summer Sampler and though I won’t spoil it for you, he described it as NWA meets punk. Yeah, it’s crazy. But anyway, here we have the visuals for the title-track off his excellent album, The Hybrid, which you seriously need to hear if you haven’t yet. Though, truth be told, this track was left off the actual album, for whatever reason. Over an ominous production from Mosel, Brown spits some insane wordplay (a reference to The Negotiator?!). He also gets pretty intense at parts while hanging in an arcade playing Terminator Salvation (get it?) and Time Crisis. I haven’t been to an arcade in ages but this actually makes me want to go and pay the outlandish prices to give those shooting games another try.


    [Rappers I Know]