“The Hill”

    On October 9, Ty Segall  will release Twins via Drag City, his proper solo follow-up to last year’s Goodbye Bread. Over the past few months, Segall has shed the fuzzy folk-rock of Goodbye Bread in favor of his garage-punk past.

    The first taste from Twins starts off with a bit of misdirection. Sparkling acapella harmonies ease open “The Hill,” but Segall’s sunburnt guitar warps things before you get too accustomed to all the newfound sonic beauty. As with so many garage rockers these days, Segall is prolific as hell. Yet he continuously gives us a reason why we should listen to every single one of his releases.

    “The Hill” will also be released as a 7″ single on September 4 through Drag City, but you can take a listen below.