“The Heaviest Cross” (Prod. Frank Drake) (Video)

    Bronx rapper YC the Cynic has been active this year after appearing on Milo’s mixtape Cavalcade and the newest Steel Tipped Dove project.  But, YC the Cynic has really started creating buzz with his new album GNK which has received promising critical acclaim.  One track on that project is “Heaviest Cross.” 

    On the track, YC reflects on the pressure he receives from critics.  He gets personal with his listeners when he says that his mother worked hard raising three kids and going to school for a Masters degree.  A sense of guilt and concern comes across when, in the same bar, he adds that he has dropped out of high school and hopes that his rap career is successful. 

    The visuals for “Heaviest Cross” show YC lying down on his belly in a rather barren and dark room.  Quickly, he gets up, begins rapping, and moves through furnished sections of the barren room. The juxtaposition of the homey furnishing and the barren walls gives off a sense that YC is moving through uncomfortable memories, trying to find some light and hope.