“The Hair Song”

    At this point, whenever the words “new Black Mountain song” appear together, people kind of know what to expect: another classic-rock throwback jam with prog flourishes, deep-fried riffs, and keyboard parts that just border on being cheesy. “The Hair Song” manages to hit most of the points on that checklist, but throws a wrench into the works by employing a waltz-like rhythm, in addition to having Stephen McBean and Amber Webber engage in a genuine duet, rather than just having them sing around each other. It’s one of the more shockingly direct things the band has ever put out, but still contains enough twisting passages to keep longtime fans hooked. Give it a listen and pick it up as a free download courtesy of Spinner.


    Black Mountain’s upcoming album Wilderness Heart is due out on Sept. 14 through Jagjaguwar.