‘The Ghost Mixtape’ (Mixtape)

    With roots steeped in rock and hip-hop, it’s fitting that the KickDrums chose to represent both genres strongly on this precursor mixtape, The Ghost Mixtape. It’s meant to serve as the holdover until their new album, Meet Your Ghost, drops later this month. It’s a collection of the KickDrums’ finest material to date, specifically from the past year or two. Most of the tracks here have wound up on the web someway or another, including “Perfect World” with RZA, “Animal,” and “Take Aim….Bang!” with the Kid Daytona and Freddie Gibbs. If you have been meaning to give the KickDrums a listen and haven’t yet, consider this your opening. Start with the tracks I listed and move on from there, chances are you’ll dig it.


    Download the mixtape here and watch its trailer below. Meet Your Ghost drops June 28.