“The Foxes” (Prod. SpacedTime)

    Any music blogger can tell you how often their inbox gets congested with music submissions.  It’s probably the toughest part about being a music blogger.  There are some e-mails you ignore purposely and others that get lost in the mess.  Some times bloggers will miss out on a good music submission.  Other times, bloggers have to be brutally honest and say something along the lines of “Dude, it’s just not that good.”  Quiet honestly, it’s a job that can work hard on one’s emotions. 

    But, Corduroy is a rapper who has the passion unlike any other.  He wants you to listen to his new song “The Foxes.”  He even wrote a one thousand word essay on why you should listen to it.  You can read it on Pigeons & Planes.  Instead of going into detail about the structure of the song, I will say that after reading his one thousand word essay, I understand why Corduroy put so much effort into making sure it got posted on to the blog.   

    Take a listen below.


    (Via Pigeons & Planes)