The Flower Lane

    Ducktails, the one-man underground psychpop outfit comprised of Real Estate’s Matthew Mondanile, will release its first full-length LP for

    The title track also happens to be the album’s first single. A woozy, shuffling number, “The Flower Lane” possesses a distinct crispness absent from Mondanile’s early bedroom recordings. Gone are the vocal tracks awash in layers of heavily delayed reverb, buried deep within the mix. In their place — warm, clear analog synths and Mondanile’s voice, still slightly delayed but brought out to the forefront . This isn’t to say, however, that Ducktails’ new aesthetic direction suffers from the problems that arise when artists dependent on lo-fi recording techniques move toward a more polished recording style. The move ends up servicing Mondanile’s compositions in a way that highlights Ducktails’ refined, relaxed simplicities.

    The Flower Lane will be released via Domino Recordings on Jan. 29 in the US and Jan. 28 for the rest of the world.