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The Flaming Lips: "I Can Be a Frog"


The bikini-clad, animal impersonating star of the Flaming Lips' "I Can Be a Frog" video, understandably looks a little bit embarrassed. If it weren't for the fact that the girl can't stop laughing, it might seem a bit cruel that the Lips put her through such an ordeal, and in a bikini to boot! Though the video's star does a good job, it might have made a little more sense to get Karen O, who provides the song's animal impersonations/background laughter, to do this. After all, we know that she's comfortable doing pretty much everything.


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The Flaming Lips

If "She" was too normal for an album name, they could have gone with "The Feminine Third-person Singular." Not as cool as "Embryonic" but seems to capture the character in every song I have heard so far.


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