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The Flaming Lips: "I Am The Walrus" (Cover)

A quick list of things The Flaming Lips have been doing instead of putting out a new record this year:

   · Putting music on the inside of a human skull.

   · Esoterically collaborating with Neon Indian.

   · Abusing all things “gummy.”

   · Tweeting pictures of Wayne Coyne’s naked wife.

   · Releasing marathon-long songs, recently culminating in a 24-hour joint.

Well, now you can add a severely acid-damaged cover of the Beatles’ already-pretty-damaged “I Am The Walrus” to that list. The video below includes Wayne Coyne squeezing his voice through a ridiculously narrow vocoder, and a man I believe to be Steven Drozd shaking a maraca with a tarp over his head and looking like he’s about three hits too deep in a K-hole. Watch it if you dare! [AHiaS]


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The Flaming Lips

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