“The Fire (Remix)” f. John Legend, B.o.B

    Look, I don’t blame you if you’re stuck on the Roots’ “Right On,” also known as the latest leak from How I Got Over and one of the LP’s best tracks. The Joanna Newsom sample is blended so seamlessly into the production that the whole track has this natural, organic (no pun) feel to it while STS provides a fantastic guest verse. But take a minute to hit the pause button and check out the remix to “The Fire,” which now boasts a B.o.B feature. The ATL rapper sounds as charismatic as ever on here and appears ready to make up for his lukewarm debut. I was hoping for a bit more of a “remix” feel here rather than just an additional verse, but it works well enough that I can’t really complain.


    You can stream “The Fire” over at OkayPlayer or download it here. How I Got Over is available on iTunes now and drops officially tomorrow.