“The Face On The Tintype” (Prefix Premiere)

    Some of you might know Ryan Graveface as a player in Black Moth Super Rainbow, Marshmallow Ghosts, and several other acts. Others might recognize his name as the founder and owner of indie label Graveface Records. But in the case of this post and the past year or so, you need to know him as Dreamend.

    Dreamend is a fitting title for Graveface’s solo work, which many times waltzes into the realm of shoegaze, dream-pop, and other ethereal-based sub-genres. It also has a touch of hope within its darker vibes, particularly on the lead single from his upcoming album, And the Tears Washed Me, Wave After Cowardly Wave.

    The track, “The Face on the Tintype,” is a somewhat noisy romp through ear-grabbing melodies, layers of rickety instrumentation, and straight-up knockin’ drums. And there’s a good reason all the instruments have a rusty, broken sound to them:

    I recorded only using things mangled in the move [from Chicago to Savannah. I felt that would parallel the storyline quite nicely. The result is a great deal of out of tune, broken and raw emotional sounds. You can hear these instruments dying with each note.

    Most of the percussion on the record is done by me bashing my anxiety pill bottles onto the floor or table. Oftentimes they are not even in beat. For the three weeks I recorded this album, I was at an all time low. This is some real downer music, but looking back, it was quite fun to make.

    You can stream “The Face on the Tintype” below. And the Tears Washed Me, Wave After Cowardly Wave is due out Feb. 28 on Graveface.