The Electric Anthology Project

    After nearly two decades of making music together, Built to Spill has a right to some nostalgia. Instead of taking the easy route and releasing a greatest hits compilation, Doug Martsch and Brett Nelson have reworked seven classic Built to Spill tracks under the Electric Anthology Project moniker. The guys describe it as “Built to Spill re-recorded in the vein of the ’80s,” and the tracks currently available for streaming on their MySpace pretty much back that claim up. This is the synth-heavy ’80s of commercial pop, though, not the synth-heavy ’80s of post-punk (although the reworked “I Would Hurt a Fly” does have a haunted-house-Cure vibe to it). Yet not even the MIDI-like generic vibe of these tunes can kill the buzz of heairng these timeless melodies: Long after most of these songs were put to tape, they still sound great, and probably would in any style. At the very least, it’s an opportunity to revisit your (depending on when you grew up) worn out CD or high-play-counted download of There’s Nothing With Love. You can pick up the EP at your next Built to Spill show, or order it here. Tracklist and sample track below. [Stereogum]


    1. I Dim Our Angst in Agony

    2. Age I Felt

    3. At The Where

    4. Eels

    5. What If Your Dull

    6. A Gloss Siren

    7. Far Path Tall Sign


    Electronic Anthology Project – “Eels” by Obit Tip Lulls