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The Dodos: "Long Form" (Video)


The Dodos often employ a man who bashes a metal trashcan with a stick on stage, although his contributions are unfortunately muted on this acoustic thrummer from Time to Die. Let’s hope that this song will be chosen to promote a tastier line in beers than their last promo excursion.


The video for “Long Form” is mostly shot during a hazy car trip, resembling the kind of footage you shoot while on vacation and wonder what the hell you were thinking when you get home and watch it later. Yes, the music industry is in such financial turmoil that someone has actually constructed a video from that stuff.


[via Pitchfork]

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The Dodos

I really like the Dodos even though TtD is kinda mediocre.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/oceanRain/DiS profile pic.jpg oceanRain

Yes, we actually did construct a video of that stuff. We shot in HD and color treated it to look like film/VHS footage. And we have no regrets, thanks.


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