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The Decemberists: "Down By The Water"

"Down By The Water" has been floating around in live form for a little while now, but the Decembersists have now made the studio version available for free download. The track definitely reflects the more straightforward direction lead singer Colin Meloy has implied the band's new album The King Is Dead will take, and should act as a nice palate cleanser for those who were less than impressed with their sprawling epic The Hazards Of Love. Gillian Welch and Peter Buck (of R.E.M.) are on hand, contributing backing vocals and 12-string guitar, respectively. The latter's appearance only reinforces Meloy's claim that the album is strongly influenced by R.E.M. Basically, Meloy is telling no lies or exaggerations this time around. Give it a listen below.


The Decemberists - Down By The Water by


The King Is Dead is due out in mid-January.



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The Decemberists

Is it just me or is Colin doing his best Stipe here in conjunction with Buck's guitar?

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