“The Blue Between”

    Yeah, that’s nice that spring is forwarding in my part of the world (west coast US) to accommodate the increasing daylight, but what a nuisance to lose an hour… Tomorrow, it’ll feel like I’m getting up at 5:17 while my clock tries to tell me it’s 6:17. This means I am going to try muster all the repose this Sunday is willing to spare in the never-ending date with my computer. And aiding in that suspension of relaxation is “The Blue Between” by Gary McClure.

    During Noise Pop festival in 2008, I discovered a band called Working For A Nuclear Free City and have been a fan ever since. Unfortunately, the Manchester (UK), band has been rather elusive. Thanks to the Internet, I recently discovered that their guitarist/songwriter (McClure) is about to release a solo full-length, Wreaths, on April 15 via AED Records. For a sample, stream “The Blue Between” for some comforting sounds – sparse, pensive acoustic guitar ushering Scottish singer/songwriter’s tenor as it resounds into a harmony of violin, cello, and brass. Visit McClure’s Soundcloud page to hear additional tracks from the imminent LP.