“The Bike Song” and “Bang Bang Bang” (Live On Kimmel) (Video)


    Mark Ronson continued to promote his Record Collection album last night, by following his appearance on Letterman with this performance of “The Bike Song” and “Bang Bang Bang.” Ronson’s success as a producer means he can call up just about anyone to perform with him, and so it was here, with Mark Greenwald, Spank Rock, MNDR and Pill (but no Q-Tip this time) all joining him.


    It’s just too bad that there’s not much substance to these songs—“The Bike Song” was no doubt conceived as a quirky pop track, but just comes across as inane and annoying here, and “Bang Bang Bang” is similarly feeble. At least Kimmel had some far more interesting, some may even say “awesome,” guests on his show to make up for it last night.