‘The Best Of Phonte’ (Mixtape)

    To celebrate next Tuesday’s release of his solo debut, Charity Starts at Home, Phonte has linked with DJ Flash for a project that should satisfy both longtime fans and newcomers to the rapper-singer’s discography. The aptly titled mixtape, The Best of Phonte, features 70 tracks jam-packed into 78 minutes. In Tay’s words, this is “the Phonte mixtape to end all Phonte mixtapes” that serves as a “crash course” for anyone not completely familiar with his work. But even if you have been following him since his beginnings with Little Brother, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to have all your favorite Phonte verses in one place. Unless, of course, you have been compiling a pretty substantial iTunes playlist.

    You can download the mixtape here. Charity Starts at Home drops Sept. 27.