“The Automatic Process” (Video) (Prefix Premiere)

    When we previously heard from Brooklyn’s Home Video, the synthesizer aficionados had just released their new album, The Automatic Process. They had also shared the wonderfully intricate visuals for “Every Love That Ever Was” before heading back into the studio. It’s there that they churned out a new EP, A Quiet Place, which dropped this past October.

    Before they focus on the EP, however, the boys are looking back to the title track off The Automatic Process. And they have done so by co-directing a video for the tune with Nathaniel Cunningham. Together, their vision is completely tied to a track that’s melancholy and lonesome.

    Throughout the visuals, you watch as folks gather at a mountain of culm — a by-product of the coal-mining process at a now-defunct coal-processing facility — in the town of Treverton, Pa. The scene serves to portray a microcosm of The Automatic Process, which is the participation in a value system that perpetuates an alienated reality.

    You can watch the video below.