“That’s All For Everyone” (Fleetwood Mac cover)

    In what’s turning out to be the Summer of Fleetwood Mac, we’ve had indie starlets like Best Coast, New Pornographers, MGMT, and others tackle Mac songs for the upcoming tribute album Just Tell Me That You Want Me, out August 14 via Hear Music/Concord. And while we wait for the actual band to reunite and tour next year, Aussie psychedelic warriors Tame Impala give us their treatment of “That’s All For Everyone.”

    Most of the aforementioned covers have hewn closer to the pop side of the band’s ’70s sound, but Tame Impala pick up their weirder strains. The original is an atmospheric Lindsey Buckingham composition, appearing on the group’s 1979 double-LP Tusk, and Tame Impala take that format and blast off. There’s actually a little bit of that melody and sound in the group’s latest single, which means Fleetwood Mac can still inspire a new generation thirty years down the road. Guess this tribute is living up to its billing after all. Take a listen below, courtesy of Spin.