“TES” (Prefix Premiere)

    Bret Bender and Madeleine Miller aka Bogan Via a pop duo from Phoenix, Arizona has been receiving quite some buzz with their track “Kanye.” In this new exclusive premiere to Prefix, their new track “TES” just might keep that buzz going. The new song this time around has the duo slowing it down and ballad-ing their way into your heart. Madeleine Miller’s vocals are quite comforting as she sings with powerful confidence over the percussion, beats and synths. At times her vocals are quite similar to Zooey Deschanel’s charming Midwestern twang. And when Bret Bender joins in, the harmonious circle is complete in an almost (500) Days of Summer way when Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character is fully in love with Deschanel’s. What a lovely and perfect song to have your heart beat skip to your new crush this coming winter.

    So if this new number is a sign of things to come, then there’s a bright light in front of this duo among an ocean of duos. Listen to the sweetly sung song below: