“Terminally Chill” (MP3)

    Brooklyn/Dallas music project Neon Indian has finally been revealed as a collaboration between the ever blog-present Alan Palomo and visual artist Alicia Scardetta. This announcement comes with “Terminally Chill,” another ambien-disco track from the group’s debut LP, Psychic Chasms. The only worry with this one is, that all of the advance tracks from this album have been so good, that by the time the album rolls around in October I’ll have listened to them so much I’ll skip them when they come up, and miss out on the intended listening experience. Tracklist for Psychic Chasms below.


    Psychic Chasms is out October 13 on Lefse Records.


    1. (AM)

    2. Deadbeat Summer

    3. Laughing gas

    4. Terminally Chill

    5. (If I knew, I’d Tell You)

    6. 6669(I Don’t Know If You Know)

    7. Should have taken acid with you

    8. Mind, Drips

    9. Psychic Chasms

    10. Local Joke

    11. Ephemeral Artery

    12. 7000 (Reprise)