Up until this point, all of the songs released from M.I.A.’s upcoming album /\/\/\Y/\ followed a pattern: difficult song (“Born Free”) followed by a pop banger (“XXXO”) followed by another difficult one (“Steppin’ Up). With “Teqkilla,” she definitely tips things in favor of the weird tracks, crafting what might be the most abrasive sorority/frat house anthem in recent memory. Over six minutes of cacophanous electro and banging percussion, M.I.A. rattles off a list of different alcoholic beverages before expressing her preference for tequila and weed. It’s yet another track that could cause /\/\/\Y/\ to be one of the most devisive albums of 2010. Judge for yourself below.



    Teqkilla by dondriaevent


    /\/\/\Y/\ will be released on July 13.