“Tell ‘Em”

    Ever since “Crown on the Ground” blew eardrums late last year, people have been waiting for news of a Sleigh Bells LP for 2010. Shit got real last month when it was announced that their debut album, entitled Treats, would be seeing release May 11 on NEET and Mom + Pop. Today, we’ve got a track list for the album, which you can find at the bottom of this post, and the first available track from Treats, which shows what the noise pop duo do with actual recording equipment.


    “Tell ‘Em” will be the opening track to the disc, and while it won’t annihilate your speakers quite as thoroughly as “Crown on the Ground” did, it’s a close call, with jet engine guitar riffs and minimalist rhythms to compilment singer Alexis Kraus oozing bad ass Joan Jett-style sensuality all over it. For anyone worried that higher fidelity would kill this group’s edge, you can stop now. Download this banger right here. [Pitchfork]


    Treats track list:


    1. “Tell ‘Em”

    2. “Kids”

    3. “Riot Rhythm”

    4. “Infinity Guitars”

    5. “Run the Heart”

    6. “Rachel”

    7. “Rill Rill”

    8. “Crown on the Ground”

    9. “Straight A’s”

    10. “A/B Machine”

    11. “Treats”