“Tear” (Prefix Premiere)

    For a guy who crafts such soothing, peaceful tunes, San Francisco’s Mikey S. Maramag, better known as Blackbird Blackird, works at a rather furious pace. Although, he’s been relatively quiet lately while toiling in the studio. Maramag has been prepping his next few releases as Blackbird Blackbird, including a brand-new mixtape we’re premiering here at Prefix tomorrow.

    Before that project gets here, we’re proud to bring you the lead single from his upcoming EP, Boracay Planet. The track, “Tear,” is a burst of warmth driven by hand claps and echoing guitar struts, which will leave you feeling like it’s actually April or May. While that may not be true for many of us, the song totally captures Maramag’s sunny surroundings in the Bay Area.

    You can stream and download “Tear” below.