‘Tear’ (Mixtape) (Prefix Premiere)

    Mikey S. Maramag’s latest single under the guise of Blackbird Blackbird, “Tear,” doesn’t only serve as the first preview of his upcoming EP, Boracay Planet. It’s also the title track of an exclusive mixtape he put together for us here at Prefix. The nine-track, 45-minute mix kicks off with the uber-dreamy “Tear” and then works its way through some of the music that has shaped Maramag’s Blackbird Blackbird creations.

    You’ll find plenty of our favorite artists and tracks on Tear, too, as it features jams from Clams Casino, the Antlers, and Atlas Sound. Somewhat fittingly, there’s even a cut from Hope Sandoval and the Warm Intentions, which leaves us feeling extra warm and fuzzy about the fact that Sandoval’s prior gig, Mazzy Star, reunited recently.

    Anyway, you can download the Tear mixtape here. Stream the title track and view the track listing below.

    1. Blackbird Blackbird: Tear
    2. The Antlers: Putting The Dog To Sleep
    3. Clams Casino: All I Need
    4. Blood Diamonds: Grins
    5. The Radio Dept.: This Past Week
    6. Atlas Sound: Shelia
    7. Keep Shelly in Athens: Our Own Dream
    8. Sun Glitters: There
    9. Hope Sandoval & the Warm Intentions: Lose me on the Way