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Taylor Swift: "Today Was A Fairytale," "Rhiannon" and "You Belong With Me" (Live At The Grammys) (Video)

Taylor Swift was the big winner at last night's Grammys, which isn't necessarily surprising, since we've all got a thing for blonde teens who are pop stars. In addition to winning all the awards (not literally, but it seemed like it), she performed "Today Was A Fairytale" and "You Belong With Me." But the highlight was Stevie Nicks coming out to perform "Rihannon" with Swift, for some unknown reason. Maybe Stevie was available, and the Grammys producers had a solo Fleetwood Mac quota to fill. Stevie kind of looks like she could be Taylor's mom, which is maybe what they were going for here. 

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Taylor Swift

I feel bad for Stevie Nicks


I turned into the Grammy's for about 10 secs and saw this little embarrassing duo-ditty. Not Stevie Nicks, she was rather good; but Taylor Swift (whom I sorta like)...she can't sing...just awful. You'd have thought somebody would have stopped this pairing long before showtime.

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Yeah, I agree with the other comments here. Stevie was great, Taylor flopped. Rough night for getting shown up by her mom. Old school talent vs. new school puffery/marketing


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