“Tattoo Song”

    Eligh and AmpLive’s forthcoming joint album, Therapy at 3, is an aptly titled affair, because the recording process served as therapy sessions for the quick-tongued rapper. He’s been baring his soul a lot more these days actually as last year’s Grey Crow was an extremely personal affair. Therapy at 3 isn’t quite as intense, though it’s still revealing of what makes Eligh tick. For example, dude loves him some ink, which he describes at length on “Tattoo Song,” a slightly playful track about, well, tattoos. While Eligh’s rhymes aren’t exactly joyous, there’s a hopefulness that runs throughout his words. Also, AmpLive has outfitted the track with a glitchy, happy-enough beat that keeps it from getting too dark.

    Stream and download “Tattoo Song” below. Therapy at 3 drops Nov. 15.

    Eligh & Amp Live – Tattoo Song (Free Download) by AmpLive