“Tattoo Song” (Video) (Prefix Premiere)

    As Los Angeles rapper Eligh outlines on “Tattoo Song,” getting some new ink on his arm represents a transfer of inner pain to his outer frame. It is both an emotional and physical release for the seemingly always-composed MC, who exposes his inner-most thoughts with a liquid, free-flowing delivery. His distinct approach is especially potent here on “Tattoo Song,” the lead single from his joint album with producer AmpLive.

    The record, appropriately titled Therapy at 3, is exactly what it sounds like: a therapy session for Eligh to express any and every facet of his being. And in the video for “Tattoo Song,” director Matt Hobbs has captured both the rapper’s spiritual connection with body art and AmpLive’s serene production. It makes for an engrossing viewing experience filled with gorgeous high-definition footage of a Los Angeles where art spreads freely like flowering vines.

    Watch the video below. Therapy at 3 drops Nov. 15 and you can pre-order it here.