“Tantrum” (Video) (Prefix Premiere)

    Some 21 years after its inception, the Project Blowed open mic remains a breeding ground for forward-thinking, boundary-pushing hip-hop. Beyond that, it’s also the namesake of an always-growing collective of diverse L.A.-based rappers, from Pigeon John and Aceyalone to NoCanDo and Open Mike Eagle.


    Fitting somewhere between them all is Longevity, a relatively unknown, albeit skilled, Blowedian. But that’s all bound to change with the release of his new single, “Tantrum,” and its absorbing visuals. Producer Peyote Cody has laced Longevity with a crashing break and snarling bass line, both of which drive the beat and portions of the video. If the sharp visuals aren’t doing their best to keep up with the rapper’s fierce internal rhymes, they’re nodding along to Cody’s funky drums.


    If you have been looking for something new from the West Coast to rock with, you’re welcome. Longevity’s Tantrum EP is out now on iTunes.