“Take My City” F. B.o.B & Crooked I

    Celebratory anthems about one’s city have been a hip-hop standard from the beginning and will likely never, ever go away. But let’s be honest here, folks: no one will top Young Jeezy and Kanye West’s “Put On,” which remains one of the best odes to a particular locale we’ve ever heard. Seriously, play that track anywhere and people will still lose their minds. 

    So maybe that’s why DJ Drama choose to re-ignite the fire of “Put On” with carbon-copy “Take My City,” which features a serviceable B.o.B hook and reasonably sharp verses from Crooked I. It’s not that Drama’s track is bad, but just listen to “Put On” again and you’ll know what I mean. You can stream “Take My City” below. Drama’s Third Power drops Oct. 11.  [Rap Radar]