“Take it As it Comes” (Video)

    Remember when it was last summer, and all anyone could talk about was how Best Coast left Vivian Girls, and Best Coast is so popular forever and Vivian Girls aren’t and they must by crying themselves to sleep every night?


    Well, here it is a year later and where is Best Coast? Happy and in love, and therefore uncreative. The Vivian Girls, on the other hand, continue to be miserable and, as such, making good music. And also good videos for that music! “Take it As it Comes” is basically impossible to describe without talking about girl groups and either 1) Grease, 2) Pillow Talk, or 3) Down With Love (which has great splitscreen bits, and also apparently a great lawyer who keeps those splitscreen bits off YouTube). The above video premiered today over at Pitchfork, and, hey, it’s pretty great! The Vivian Girls’ latest, Share the Joy, is out now.