“Take Drugs” (Video)

    I know we just posted a new track from Oh No and the Alchemist’s forthcoming Gangrene album, Gutter Water, this morning, but sometimes you can’t control when certain things hit the web. It just so happens “Wassup Wassup” leaked this morning and now we have the visuals for “Take Drugs.” As the title implies and the hook outlines, the track is for the “weed heads, pill poppers, and coke dealers,” among others. And while this subject matter has been covered to death, Gangrene’s take is intriguing thanks to a killer beat and equally nice Oh No verse. Oh, and the video is pretty damn ill, too, making for one of the best hip-hop videos I’ve seen this year.


    Because I couldn’t find the embed information over there, you will have to watch the video over at the Spin website…or above. Ha.