“Synchronize” f. Jarvis Cocker

    Britpop legend Jarvis Cocker lends his signature vocals to “Synchronize,” the kickoff single from Discodeine’s forthcoming full-length. The dancefloor may not be the most obvious place to find Cocker–from “Disco 2000” to proper disco–but the Pulp frontman’s sleazy, world-weary croon is the perfect foil to Pilooski and Pentile’s floor-filling beats.


    Bonding over a mutual love for sci-fi movies, avant-garde electro, and South Western French cuisine, iconic French producers Pilooski and Pentile collaborated on a series of hit remixes, working their magic on Metromony, Yelle, Whomadewho, and Photonz. As Discodeine, they then set to work on their much-anticipated debut album of all original material with a handful of as-yet-unnamed guest vocalists, coming next year.


    If you’ll pardon the pun, Cocker’s elegant, late-night vibes fall perfectly in sync with Discodeine’s house synths and ’70s string arrangements. It’s no wonder that this high-pedigree, dirty disco dream-team has created such a nightclub smash; perhaps next year’s Pulp reunion can expect a little more slick electro?


    “Synchronize,” available for pre-order now, comes out Dec. 6 on DFA Records in the US and Canada and D-I-R-T-Y in Europe.


    Download “Synchronize” here.