“Sweetheart I Ain’t Your Christ” And “Thou Art Loosed” (Live On La Blogotheque) (Video)


    We’ve already gotten a glimpse of how Josh T. Pearson’s live show is going to sound as he takes his songs from Last of the Country Gentlemen out on the road. The guys at La Blogotheque clearly had a sense of what a magnetic performer Pearson can be, and snapped him up for this latest in their long-running series of clips. Here, he performs “Sweetheart I Ain’t Your Christ” while wandering down the Boulevard de Belleville in Paris, dodging the traffic while he plays, and meeting the gaze of some screeching kids as they pass. It’s a beautiful way to experience Pearson’s work, and it’s followed by a similarly affecting performance of “Thou Art Loosed” in a small passageway by a stained-glass window. Check out our interview with him here.


    [via La Blogotheque]