“Sweet Nothing” F. Florence Welch (Video)

    A few days ago Calvin Harris announced his new album 18 Months as well as its track listing. The track listing includes “Sweet Nothing” which features Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine. Today, the official music video for the track was released.

    The video rather than depicting the usual fist pumping club scenes took on narrative form. Florence doing what she does best with her vocals dons an outfit and looks similar to Annie Lennox from the Eurhythmics in “Sweet Dreams.” The songstress performs on a stage while a cast of degenerates and their lives are exposed throughout the video. Ironically, Harris’ outstanding production beats perfectly pound away as Welch’s powerful vocals emotionally help you sail away through the video’s emotional story.

    Calvin Harris’ 18 Months will be released October 29, 2012.

    Watch the video below: