“Sweat” F. Lil Wayne (Video)

    This track dropped like three months ago, so it’s honestly hard to figure why Bow Wow’s camp would even go to the trouble of putting together a music video for it. Regardless, as was with the song, it’s here and we have to deal with it, so just call it an albatross around the neck for now. 

    The creative genius in this one is immediate, as you see Bow Wow dressed as Shredder within the first four seconds of the video. From there, it’s nothing more than your typical motorcycles, whips and exotic women all plastically set against neo-urban nightlife settings built to breed the idea that fantastical asininities are cool, and should make sense. Lil Wayne looks like he wandered onto the set by accident, and, much as he tries, Bow Wow still looks like a tween being babysat by call girls. 

    Here’s the video. Whatever happens, make it to the 4:45 mark.