“Superhand’s Mantra (Fuck Us All)” F. Aesop Rock

    Sometimes, it’s not really clear why artists decide to leave tracks off their albums. I mean, sure, they’ll tell you that it didn’t fit the sequencing, sound, or what-have-you. But I have a hard time believing that Busdriver, perhaps our favorite Los Angeles rap alien, couldn’t find a spot for “Superhand’s Mantra (Fuck Us All)” on Beaus$Eros. The track is just way too dope, from Loden’s electro-overdrive production to Aesop Rock’s spit-fire guest verse. “Once upon a fuck you”? Hilarious. At least you can own it if you pre-order Busdriver’s Beaus$Eros. You can also stream the track below. Photo by Joëlle Lê.