Super Ultra (Mixtape)

    Earlier this month, British teen raver turned witchy songstress Charli XCX stunned fans with the release of “Cloud Aura” — a bafflingly strange collaboration with Internet celebrity Brooke Candy slated for inclusion on Charli’s newest release, the Super Ultra mixtape.

    Turns out “Cloud Aura” wasn’t the weirdest song Charli had created for Super Ultra, which was released today for free download via the singer’s official website. Allegedly written during a two-day jaunt through Poland, Super Ultra sets Charli XCX’s breathy, sensual vocals over beats from a wide array of artists such as Baths and Art Of Noise. Many of the tracks are fragments, hints at a possible larger stylistic evolution from the straightforward gothy electropop integral to a large portion of Charli’s musical output.

    In a statement released alongside the mixtape, Charli admits most of Super Ultra‘s tracks are hyper-emotional love songs. “Sometimes it’s stupid love and sometimes it’s heartbreaking love. It’s about being confused,” she writes. 

    Stream Super Ultra below and download the entire mixtape on Charli XCX’s website.