“Sunshine” (Star Slinger Remix)

    U.K. DJ and producer Star Slinger took a break from his current tour to release a high-energy remix of the Little Dragon track “Sunshine” via Soundcloud. The original song was a collaboration with ABSOLUT VODKA as part of a musical ad campaign, and product placement never sounded so good (check out the behind-the-scenes video). “Sunshine” is a dreamy track to unwind into, and Star Slinger’s remix is a danceable reincarnation.

    And if your dance moves are a little rusty, you can watch the ABSOLUT Blank Live video that accompanies the remix— developed by Saam Farahmand, the video shows participants (members of Little Dragon among them) dancing in a high-tech booth that creates real-time digital trails.

    Little Dragon and Star Slinger will perform Oct. 19 at the Electric in Brixton, England. Tickets for the audio-visual DJ set are available here.