Sunny Feeling (MP3 Download)

    Wilco’s recent tendency to perform new material live has done nothing but good things for the band, and while Jeff Tweedy has made sure to emphasize that these new songs are WIP (works in progress), the songcraft on both "One Wing" and now "Sunny Feeling" is down to a T.


    This one is the superior cut of the two, with all the makings for Future First Single status on whatever upcoming album the band has in tow. It should be illegal for any white guy other than Duane Allman to wield a slide guitar so effectively, and while the unintentionally lo-fi recording distorts the vocals enough to obscure the lyrics, we gets hints of traveling on a whim and not regretting it. "Sunny Feeling has all the smarts of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot to match the smiley times of Summer Teeth. Suddenly Wilco is beginning to inspire Radiohead-like new album anticipation.


    [Thanks to Heather Browne at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends, via You Ain’t No Picasso]