“Sunlight” (patrickWhat Chairlift Remix) (Prefix Premiere)

    Since debuting in 1999 with a series of limited releases, Hrishikesh Hirway has developed his recording moniker, the One AM Radio, considerably. What started as a solo project grew into a full-fledged band that also features Fontaine Cole and Scott Leahy. And last week, they dropped their latest album, Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread.


    Along with the full-length project, One AM Radio has assembled a crew of producers to remix the band’s single, “Sunlight.” And considering we’re big fans of his work as a member of Chairlift, we were very intrigued to hear just what Patrick “patrickWhat” Wimberly had in store for the synthesizer-led, melancholy-yet-still poppy jam.


    It turns out patrickWhat, who has produced for Das Racist, apparently wanted to know what “Sunlight” would sound like while submerged in mud. The vocals are choked through a throbbing, drowning effect while more grime and fuzz is thrown on the synths. The drums remain relatively intact, though he’s definitely added some additional hits and fills.


    Stream the remix of “Sunlight” below.


    The One A.M. Radio: “Sunlight” (patrickWhat Chairlift Remix) by prefixmag