“Suburban Dream” & “Heart-Shaped Box” (Live) (Video)

    While chilling in a basement with the folks at FlyTV, Connecticut’s psych-funk-soul outfit the Stepkids decided to perform a mini-set. The thing is, they didn’t have all of their equipment with them, though their guitars and drums probably wouldn’t have fit on the staircase. So they improvised and used what was available, which included their knees, an acoustic guitar, and a couple of instruments I’m not cool enough to identify.

    It allowed for their harmonizing to truly shine, something that should bring you back to bouncing around on the backseat while your parents flip through classic rock stations. Not only that, but it led to one of the more entertaining Nirvana covers we’ve seen as the Stepkids tackle “Heart-Shaped Box” after performing an original, “Suburban Dream.”

    You can watch the Nirvana cover below.