“Studio Backpack Rap” (Video)

    U.K. rapper Speech Debelle’s career has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. After winning the Mercury Prize in 2009 for her killer debut Speech Therapy, she then reportedly left her label, Big Dada, because of a lack of promotion.

    Now, nearly two years later, all seems well between Debelle and Big Dada. She has a new record, Freedom of Speech, due out in February 2012 on the British hip-hop imprint and today she’s shared the album’s first single, “Studio Backpack Rap.”

    Fans of Debelle’s previous and much darker work will be surprised by just how playful and upbeat she is here, particularly in the track’s visuals. She’s also got some great production behind her courtesy of Kwes, who weaves a backdrop of keys, synths, guitars, and drums. You can watch the video below and download the track here.