‘Stray Bullets’ (Mixtape)

    Well, I didn’t see this one coming. As I was lounging around today and going through different Twitter feeds, I saw producer/singer/rapper Novel going crazy over a new Cee-Lo Green mixtape due out today. And just a few hours later, it’s here. Stray Bullets, just like most mixtapes these days, acts as the prelude to his upcoming The Lady Killer album, which is sounding pretty damn good so far. On Stray Bullets, Cee-Lo’s backed primarily by a producer labeled as “The Grey Area,” whoever the hell that is. But from what I have listened to already, this is one funky mixtape. Also, thank you, Cee-Lo, for reuniting with Goodie Mob for “Night Train,” a brooding track that samples Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ creepy-as-hell “Red Right Hand.”


    You can download Stray Bullets here. The Lady Killer is due out later this year.