“Stop Kony”

    No doubts here that Soulja Boy was one of the many who were recently exposed to Joseph Kony, the most wanted war criminal in the world, through a now-viral video that’s garnered nearly 60 million views. Kony has violently lead the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda since 1986, displacing millions of people and abducting thousands of children to fight for him in the process.

    “Stop Kony” is Soulja Boy’s second song about a public figure in the last few days–the first being “Kim Kardashian,” which I believe was similarly a protest record. Though it only features roughly 30 seconds of actual rapping, its cause is worthy and its manifestation no worse than making the Kony 2012 video your Facebook status. You can stream and download Soulja Boy’s call for justice below. [Rap-Up]