“Still Life With Sour Mash”

    For issue 15 of Esopus Magazine, they asked various musicians to come up with songs inspired by television programs. Included in that list was former Titus Andronicus member Andrew Cedermark, one month removed from his excellent Moon Deluxe LP, who came to the magazine with “Still Life With Sour Mash,” a song influenced by was the awesomeness that is Alan Arkin on M.A.S.H. (Okay it was just the awesomeness that is M.A.S.H., but it’s pretty much the same thing.) It’s not the Manic Street Preachers covering “Suicide Is Painless,” as “Still Life” instead rocks some folksy guitar simplicity, some ghostly background atmospherics, an awesome opening harmonica, and samples of show dialog. It’s a fractured little folk song, one totally appropriate for the old show’s blend of humor and serious war topics. Check “Still Life” here. [Stereogum]