“Sticky Fruitman Has Faith” (Prefix Premiere -Video)

    The video for White Fence‘s “Sticky Fruitman Has Faith,” off this January’s …Is Growing Faith, sums itself up at the one minute mark. There, you’ll find a camera shot from behind Tim Presley, aka White Fence. A girl is shaking her hair. The music is loose, not out of line with The 13th Floor Elevators or Vivian Girls. The scene is in slow motion, and it perfectly captures the more stoned, less punk aspects of ’60s garage rock.

    Compiled mostly of footage from a 2011 summer gig in Whittier, Calif., “Sticky” is a bit of a trip. The opening image is a bee, upside down, sliding across a floor. Many shots are repeatedly obscured by in-motion crowd members (one of whom breaks through the ceiling while crowd-surfing). The whole thing looks and sounds scattered, but in a good way: at one point, the music just trails off and people dance in near-silence; then the music starts again, and nobody’s dancing wavers. This video’s quirky disorientation from itself makes the song sound endearing and the visuals something to check out, which you can do below.