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Stevie Nicks: "For What It's Worth" (Live On Leno) (Video)


It’s too bad Stevie Nicks didn’t pick out a classic Fleetwood Mac track to perform on Jay Leno’s show last night (July 28). Let’s face it, who really wants to hear a song from her recently released solo album, ? Wouldn’t we rather revel in the glossy coke-fueled excesses of “Dreams” or “Sara”? Yes, of course we would, but instead we have to make do with the pallid “For What It’s Worth,” which is such a transparent attempt to recreate past glories that Lindsey Buckingham must have been thinking about calling his lawyer. Nicks is still in great voice, which is something at least—you just might want to look away as she tries to act out the actions she sings about in the song with her hands. [via In Your DreamsThe Audio Perv]


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Stevie Nicks

Obviously... you're not a big fan. Of course, everyone loves Dreams and Sara.. but it's really nice to see Stevie perform a new song (I personally thought it was lovely). And.. how else does an artist promote a new record or single, if not by performing that song??!!! All artists do it... and sometimes it just takes a while to get used to it. Get over yourself! I thought it was a refreshing... and oh, by the way, the music was written by Mike Campbell of the Heartbreakers (which was obviously why he was on the show with her)... NOTHING to do with Lindsey, or Fleetwood Mac!!!


please, you are so use to autotune singers that you dont really know what a real singer sounds like, so please do yourself and a favor and dont listen with open mouth and closed ears,,,,,,,,


I'm a big fan and actually preferred hearing Stevie sing a new song. I've seen and heard her hits so many times before that it's refreshing to get a new one to enjoy. Keep rockin' Stevie!


Wow.. Nice review. You are sadly mistaken, and if you really liked music you would stop paying attention to what she was freaking doing with her hands and actual listen to the music. Don't judge someone's performance unless you could perform it better. Got it, slick?


Hello- LOVED Mike Campbell AND WADDY. HELLO!!! That was the best of all. And if Mike Campbell wrote that song, well he nailed it giving her a song that was right in her wheelhouse.

Anna M. Smith

Record correction: Mike Campbell wrote the music, Stevie wrote the words. According to the documentary clips on Stevie Nicks' YouTube Channel, the song is about Tom Petty going with her on the Street Angel tour just a few weeks after leaving rehab for Klonopin. She states that she was not ready for tens of thousands of people, and was terrified to perform "sober as a judge" for the first time in many years. And the new album is great. And yes, I want to hear her perform all of it. If she had done "Dreams" you would have accused her of resting on her laurels.


Actually, like I said.. the music was written by Mike Campbell. However, the words are NOT about Tom Petty, but it was about someone very dear to her, who did help her at a very vulnerable time in her life. (I was at the Wiltern Theater show, and she told a little story about each new song she sang.) I'm glad to see that the rest of you get who Stevie is, like I do! I hear she may be doing several of the new songs from In Your Dreams on her upcoming tour... we can only hope!


What a totally lame review!! You're in the minority if you think it would have been better if Stevie had sang a Fleetwood Mac cover everyone's heard a zillion times on thre radio. "Let's face it" my ass.. Rock on, Stevie!!


Stevie is The First Lady of Rock ! So let me see you on plattforms & sound as GREAT as she is at 63 !


Nick sounds like he really has no idea about decent music and decent artists such as the fabulous Stevie Nicks…Is he really a music critic who is on the pay role ??

lee brown

What stupid comments you made in your "review." Do you have any knowledge of who you are writing about? Show some respect where it has been earned and is due. Stevie is trying to introduce a new song to people like yourself. "For What It's Worth" is the ultimate Stevie Nicks song. In fact, it's so damn good, it may never find an audience except with her true fans. And as far as "Excess" and "Coke-fueled" (your stupid words) are concerned, that doesn't come anywhere near describing such eloquent and timeless songs as Sara and Dreams. Shame on you. You talk like an idiot.


Yes, you're obviously not a fan of Stevie's solo work. Those of us who are, are hard core out! ;)
We all know the Mac songs, radio hits & not, all too well and love them. Yet, whenever she releases a new album, it's a HUGE deal!! :)


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