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Steve Earle: "Colorado Girl" (Townes Van Zandt Cover) (Live on Letterman) (Video)

It's hard to imagine Steve Earle covering Townes Van Zandt being on any late night music show other than Letterman. Could you really see Jimmy Fallon or Jay Leno having Earle on? Letterman's stage is the only venue for this kind of performance; Earle performs "Colorado Girl" acoustic with no side players. Letterman prefaces the performance with a succinct biography of Van Zandt (he says he was an interesting fellow and led a bit of a tortured life), and ends with an offer for someone to buy Earle's album with a rug thrown in.


Earle's Van Zandt cover album, Townes, is out now. [Culture Bully]

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Steve Earle

Large of Letterman for having him on... I could picture Conan booking Earle @ his old time slot, but thats about it..


Wonderful song, and a respectful interpretation that stands on its own. Reminds me it's time to get "Townes" off my to-do list and on my CD player.


Shout out to Letterman: Steve Earle singing Townes Van Zandt!
Of course, they had Warren Zevon playing with Paul's band before he passed. Always a high musical IQ here.


Steve is also one of the great american song writers out there, His music is very dear to me.


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